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LAXseries by MASHstudios 

Venice, California based design firm, MASHstudios is set to bring its refined aesthetic and carefully crafted modern residential designs to Australia. 

Founded in 2002 by principal designer, Bernard Brucha, MASHstudios has an impeccable reputation for its unique combination of award-winning design and engineering that embodies the simplicity of modern luxury. MASHstudios brings innovation to every project and space reflecting the unique culture, brand, and needs of each client. In contrast to MASHstudios’ contract work, LAXseries is geared toward residential design. Adhering to the most stringent production standards, LAXseries by MASHstudios is comprised of high quality and responsibly sourced materials, designed and built to last.

With headquarters in Los Angeles, California, LAXseries by MASHstudios is available across the United States and Canada. LAXseries by MASHstudios is an extension of the overall MASHstudios aesthetic, and brings Brucha’s vision for clean, simple and honest design to the retail market.

Brand new to the collection is the very exciting addition of both Copper and bronze feature metals as an alternative to the powder coated aluminium. This addition makes the collection even more timely and desirable.

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